Sleep Therapy (2012)

by Twitching Tongues

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Recorded by Taylor Young at The Pit in one day in December 2010. This record was our true starting point. We are not necessarily proud of it but it is part of us.


released March 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Twitching Tongues Los Angeles, California

Twitching Tongues is a metal-influenced hardcore band from Los Angeles, CA on Metal Blade Records.


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Track Name: I Fell From Grace Feet First
Hope and innocence, two things quite easily lost.
Painful pleasures produce no pain today.
For my own well being, not for that of another.

I fell from Grace feet first.

Talk, whisper, shout, I can't hear you.
No agenda forced, won't follow you.
Lecture, torment, preach, It's still not true.
Fall, fall, I will catch you.

Extending a hand to those I know.
But all I feel back is spit on my palm.
To believe you must have faith, and that's something I can't grasp.

I fell from Grace feet first.
Fear and shame, a knack since birth.
Oppressing hope will claim you all.
Come, take my hand and fall.

Do I need faith to regain my hope?
Do I need faith to take back my innocence?
Hope is not faith. Faith is not hope.

I fell from Grace feet first.

For my own well being, not for that of another.
To believe you must have faith, and that's something I can't grasp.
Hope is not faith. Hope is real.


Hope will claim you. (All)
Take my hand and. (Fall)
Track Name: Insane & Inhumane
Having the power of God never gave me much interest.
You were the only thing that ever woke my mind.
The meaning of life never meant a damn to me.
As long as you were by my side, knowledge was inadequate.


Sorry I'm not good enough.
Never been dealt a hand so rough.
Sorry I'm not good enough.
Can't just walk away from my true love.

I know I never really had you, but please let me pretend I did.
It can be our little secret, and you can run off and fuck to your heart's content.
Can a want make me insane? Am I inhumane to have desire?
Just wanted to watch you sleep. Wanted to be a part of your dreams.


I still can't love...
'Cause I'll never get back what I give.
Which was anything and everything that you ever wanted.
Can't just walk away from my true love.

Sorry I'm not good enough.
Sorry I'm not your fantasy.
Sorry I'm not good enough.
Track Name: Astigmatism (Of The Phallic Muscle)
Does this pain deceive? What have you done to me?
A fair warning would've been kind. Got advice, but paid no mind.
Did you want to pick up the tab? Do the right thing and sew up that slab...
Should've listened... should've listened... You're a penny a dozen.

Made a few mistakes, but you're the one I'll remember forever.
I'm burning and learning my lessons.

You've got quite the nerve, every time I see or hear your name...
I've got an urge unlike any other. Astigmatism of the phallic muscle.
Just kill me, I can't take this pain any longer.
You should be hurting with me. I shouldn't be hurting without you.


You took my breath away, then you took my life away.
Never seen you before, but oh, you're quite the whore.
Not much left to say, but I'll say it anyway.
Only time will tell, how soon it is you'll burn in hell.

Track Name: Distance Clause
Is this a joke?
Haven't seen home in months,
Haven't seen life in weeks,
Haven't seen you for far too long.

While I'm away you call me night and day wishing I was around.
I'm home now, and what a fuckin' surprise, you're nowhere to be found.

It's torture. Make up your mind.

You're making it hard to believe another promising word.
I heard it's supposed to make the heart grow fonder.
Just a bullshit excuse to make me wait a little longer.

Attention, your only desire.


Now I'm home alone, staring at the phone, thinking I might implode.
No clever rhyme for this line, baby, this is where it ends.

I've made up your mind for you...
Track Name: Sleep Therapy
Sleep won't work no more...

Whisper in my ear sweet princess, make me fall asleep.
The sound of your heartbeat alone could make the devil weep.
Be still, my body, while dreams assure me I'm not alone.
How can I be sure I'm not dead? Doomed to forever roam this nightmare.

I don't ever want to sleep again.
Burn my eyes and ears to clear the water of the dead.

Where have I fallen this time? Abandoned, with past down under.
Swarms of flies eat my eyes, my brain the next course.
Where'd this dream go wrong? Why would you leave my side?
Sweet princess, I know your scent, I'll get you back here some time.


It's so frustrating... Being alive, unawakened.
Waiting for the worms to come and tear me limb from limb.
Drifting away from reality. What a heart-wrenching feeling.
A lie here naked, exposed, yet still I choose to doze.

You will never sleep again.

Track Name: Voluntary Confinement
No greeting and you're shouting the roof down.
Same debacle that I saw last week.
September, October, November rain.
Either way, I get no time on my own.
Could've sworn we had this conversation yesterday.
Throwing insults like stones, and your aim is true.

(Let me be) To be alone is my chosen alignment.
(Can't you see?) This is a voluntary confinement.

Set me free.

Empty rooms, white walls, nobody but me.
At this rate, I'll never get that wish.
Didn't occur to you that I might just like some peace and fucking quiet.


Set me free.

Total anguish, constant pain, you leave a taste of disdain.
Thorough loathing, unrivaled hate, emphysematous race.
I'll pray tonight, and every night just to find some release.
Don't need "somebody", and I don't need you to set me free.

Help me before I help myself.
Track Name: Arm In Armageddon Part 1: Freezing
While you may not admit it now,
We'll be freezing together... We'll be burning together.
As long as time will allow.
We'll be burning forever.

I'm truly freezing.
Freezing and begging for forgiveness.
To see the face of the one forgiving...
Would be my dying wish.

I do not denounce the word of God.
Just question, and reason.
And that hope for our view to be broad.
Through the peril of our seasons.

Track Name: Arm In Armageddon Part 2: The Peril Of Our Seasons
They say a Beast will rise and lay waste to love.
The oceans of fire will spit back all consumed.
From under mountains, to the plains above.
I refuse to believe us all doomed.

I am truly freezing.
Freezing... Begging... Forgiveness.
To see the face of the one forgiving...
Would be my dying wish.

No human being is perfect.
We cannot help but give into sin.
A life of fault will hurt any.
There is no honest way to win.


I do not denounce the word of God.
Just question, and reason.
And that hope for our view to be broad.
Through the peril of our seasons.